Friday, March 26, 2010

SC31 Final

The How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack got me all pumped to work tonight! You guys should go see that movie by the way. It's amazing! Toothless reminded me of Mr. Fish, my black cat. I might not post any more finished scenes, otherwise you guys will just be watching the entire film in tiny pieces, in random order. I guess some parts have to be a surprise, right?


Black Birds of Rye said...

No more finished scenes? Oh no! :O I can wait to see the final version though. :D This scene looks very spiffy like your other ones. :)

blackposies said...

i can't stand having to wait, being an impatient person, but i'm sure the thesis film will have been worth checking your blog every chance i get for updates on your work in progress. c:

you are absolutely amazing.